Checklists to Improve Patient Safety

Checklists to Improve Patient Safety - June 2013The Partnership for Patients Hospital Engagement Networks are designed to improve patient care across 10 areas of patient harm through the implementation and dissemination of best practices in clinical quality. This guide includes checklists for 10 areas (click on each area for further HPOE resources):

  1. Adverse drug events
  2. Catheter-associated urinary tract infections
  3. Central line-associated blood stream infections
  4. Early elective deliveries
  5. Injuries from falls and immobility
  6. Hospital-acquired pressure ulcers
  7. Preventable readmissions
  8. Surgical site infections
  9. Ventilator-associated pneumonias
  10. Venous thromboembolisms

For more information on HRET's HEN, including toolkits and resources please go here.


Gawande Video

View Atul Gawande MD's video about the positive impact of checklists.

View the HHN video interview with Dr. Gawande.

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