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Impact of Community Hospitals on U.S. Jobs (in millions), 2014. Direct Jobs: 5.6 million; Ripple Effect: 10.1 million; Total Jobs: 15.7 million.
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As hospitals and health systems use data to improve care and optimize all areas of the care continuum, the AHA Center for Health Innovation offers expertise, tools and resources to better understand what it can do and how to use it to achieve meaningful results.
Thank you for your continued heroic work to care for your communities as our nation battles the COVID-19 pandemic. As you likely know, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has requested that all hospitals report certain data on bed capacity, utilization, personal protective equipment (…
As health system leaders look at the physician-practice merger and acquisition activity in their local markets and reassess their own physician alignment strategies, they need to answer questions about their strategic physician partnership needs, local market dynamics, their organization’s value…
This report provides an overview of current trends in physician–practice ownership models and their driving forces, lessons from nontraditional physician-practice arrangements, and implications for hospitals’/health systems’ organizational strategies, physician relationship strategy and provision…
Spreadsheet comparisons at the HCPCS level, using proposed rule Addendum B compared to Addendum B effective July 2019.  
Spreadsheet comparing relative weights and payment rates at the APC level, using the 2020 proposed rule Addendum A compared to Addendum A effective July 1, 2019.