HPOE: A Compendium of Implementation Guides 2013

Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence: A Compendium of Action Guides 2013The compendium is a collection of action-oriented resources that can help design and implement strategies that will assist in delivering care that is safe, timely, equitable, effective, efficient and patient-centered. The collection features each report from the past year's HPOE guides. To view a specific report, please click on the link below. To download the entire guide in a PDF format, please click 'view item.'

Advanced Illness Management Strategies (August 2012)
A Guide to Physician Integration Models for Sustainable Success (September 2012)
Palliative Care Services: Solutions for Better Patient Care and Today's Health Care Delivery Challenges (November 2012)
Advanced Illness Management Strategies: Engaging the Community and a Ready, Willing and Able Workforce Part 2 (December 2012)
Engaging Health Care Users: A Framework for Healthy Individuals and Communities (January 2013)
Metrics for the Second Curve of Health Care (April 2013)
Second Curve Road Map for Health Care (April 2013)
The Role of Small and Rural Hospitals and Health Care Systems in Effective Population Health Partnership (June 2013)
Becoming a Culturally Competent Health Care Organization (June 2013)
Checklists to Improve Patient Safety (June 2013)
Value-based Contracting (July 2013)

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