Infant Formula Shortage

On Feb. 17, Abbott Nutrition, the nation’s largest manufacturer of infant formula, voluntarily recalled a variety of both regular infant formula — sold as Similac — and specialty formulas for infants with dietary restrictions, creating a nationwide shortage. The shortage has been challenging for families as they struggle to find the formula of choice or safe substitutes

On May 12, President Biden announced several actions, including working with the remaining domestic manufacturing plants to streamline and expedite production of formula, relaxing rules around the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) nutrition program to make it easier for participants to purchase other types of formula, and increasing formula imports from abroad.

Additionally, health care organizations and professionals are working to provide reliable and reputable information and resources to families to navigate the shortage.

The AHA will continue to monitor the baby formula supply shortage and work with hospitals to ensure access to the needed supplies. Explore resources from the AHA, FDA, White House, Department of Health and Human Services and others on this page.

AHA Resources and News

Podcast: Navigating the Nation’s Infant Formula Shortage

In this podcast, Priya Bathija, vice president of AHA’s Strategic Initiatives sits down with Dr. David Paul, Service Line Leader of Woman and Children at ChristianaCare and Kristy Anderson, Clinical Nutrition Manager at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center to discuss ways their organizations educated and worked with families to identify alternate formula options, and mitigated misinformation. They also share steps hospitals are taking to manage such instances better in the future.

President invokes Defense Production Act for infant formula shortage

The Defense Production Act ensures manufacturers have the necessary ingredients to make infant formula in the United States. The action gives the Health and Human Services Secretary authority to allocate all ingredients necessary to manufacture infant formula in response to the U.S. shortage, including controlling the distribution of such materials in the civilian market.

Update: HHS posts new resources for locating infant formula

The Department of Health and Human Services’ dedicated webpage , which helps health care providers and families locate infant formula during the current national shortage, now includes additional resources and is available in four languages, including Spanish and Navajo. HHS also created a Baby Formula Shortage Social Media Toolkit to direct people to the site and easily share resources to find infant formula, as well as guidance and best practices for families in need of baby formula.

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