Supply chain management

This guide supports hospital leaders seeking to make their organization more environmentally sustainable through actionable strategies and resources.
The AHA Center for Health Innovation’s new Trailblazers report, “Streamlining Supply Chain Practices as Health Systems Expand,” explores ways that hospitals and health systems are responding successfully to today’s challenges.
President Biden will issue a determination that gives the Department of Health and Human Services broader authority to invest in domestic manufacturing of essential medicines and medical countermeasures under Title III of the Defense Production Act, the White House announced Nov. 27 as it convened…
Hospitals are using real-time supply chain strategies to meet the financial, operational and quality demands in the health care supply chain.
A new AHA Leadership Scan episode will explore how some hospitals and health systems have developed more resilient and proactive approaches to identifying, vetting and purchasing sustainable products.
Health care supply chain leaders face no shortage of challenges in this environment. Still, top-performing organizations are optimizing sustainable, repeatable practices and processes to achieve operational excellence while maintaining a socially responsible approach to procurement. Join us as we…
The Drug Shortage Prevention Act would require manufacturers to notify the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of increased demand of covered drugs. The AHA believes the requirement that manufacturers notify the FDA of increased demand for critical drugs will be an integral tool for shoring up the…
Pharmaceutical shortages and supply chain failures can have a devastating impact on patients. The RAPID Reserve Act would establish a program to improve supply chain resiliency for critical generic drug products, ensuring adequate supply is available even in the event of a shortage.
The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Risk Assessment Act of 2023 would require a comprehensive risk assessment of the entire U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain. This overarching project will help provide critical information necessary to mitigate and prevent drug supply shortages.