Navigating the Nation’s Infant Formula Shortage

Recently, families across the nation are struck with a shortage of infant formula, causing ripples of misinformation. Though efforts to alleviate the current recall on infant formula, and related supply chain issues are in the works, many mothers and families are still struggling to feed their infants. The lack of support resources and the rise in prices have also contributed to the stress families are facing. Priya Bathija, vice president of AHA’s Strategic Initiatives sits down with Dr. David Paul, Service Line Leader of Woman and Children at ChristianaCare and Kristy Anderson, Clinical Nutrition Manager at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center to discuss ways their organizations educated and worked with families to identify alternate formula options, and mitigated misinformation. They will also share steps hospitals are taking to manage such instances better in the future. For any hospital needing either normal formula or specialty formula, reach out to Abbott Nutrition at For latest information on formula supply and tips, visit