The American Health Care Act – a bill that would dramatically increase the number of Americans without health care coverage is scheduled for a vote on the House floor on Thursday. Now is the time for America’s hospitals and health systems to weigh in, so it is urgent for you to tell your legislators that they must not support this bill in its current form. We believe that any changes to health care policy must be guided by ensuring that the greatest number of Americans possible are provided health care coverage. But it’s estimated that 24 million people would lose coverage over the next 10 years if this bill becomes law. More of our most vulnerable citizens – children, the poor and the disabled – would go without the medical care they need. To bolster our grassroots efforts, we’ve launched a television ad nationwide asking Congress to protect patients and the hospitals that serve them. It will also appear online and on social media. It is being reinforced by the Coalition to Protect America’s Health Care, of which the AHA is a founding member, in a wide-ranging digital grassroots campaign. But the most persuasive argument comes from you. The AHA represents nearly 5,000 hospitals and health systems in every congressional district in the country. Our message can make a big impact. So please keep up your efforts. Members of Congress must know the repercussions that their decisions made in Washington could have on the health of their constituents and communities back home. Now is a critical time to make your voice heard.