The latest Congressional Budget Office estimates on the impact of the American Health Care Act only reinforce our initial deep concerns. We believe coverage must be maintained for vulnerable patients who need it. But the CBO projects that 23 million fewer Americans would have health care coverage in 10 years under the House-passed AHCA.

As we have said, any health reforms Congress considers must be guided by ensuring that millions of people across the country don’t lose their coverage. We cannot support legislation that the CBO clearly indicates would jeopardize that coverage for millions of Americans. That’s why we continue to urge the Senate to work in a manner that provides coverage to those who need it, and ensures that the most vulnerable – older Americans, children, veterans, the disabled, those suffering from substance abuse or behavioral health problems, as well as those with pre-existing conditions such as cancer and chronic illnesses – are not left behind.

As efforts to develop a Senate version of repeal, replace or repair continue, the Memorial Day Congressional recess, which starts this weekend, is a great time to weigh in with your senators. Please take this opportunity to let them know where you stand.

With the potential for Senate leaders to take action by the July 4 recess…now is the time to urge them to protect coverage, particularly for the most vulnerable. Our patients and our communities are depending on us.