When hospital and health system leaders from across the nation come to the 2018 AHA Annual Membership Meeting, May 6-9, in Washington, D.C., they will make their voices heard on Capitol Hill about the issues that concern them, like protecting resources dedicated to quality care and fighting to preserve coverage gains vital to keeping their communities healthy.


And they will celebrate the innovations and contributions to health care quality and community service that are “Redefining the H” in communities across America. Redefining the H is our annual meeting’s theme – and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to gain perspectives on what it means to be a hospital or health system in a rapidly transforming health care environment.


Redefining the H is about hospitals building a future where they are associated as much with health and wellness as they are with sickness. A future where hospitals are more closely linked in patients’ minds with the joy of living than to the fear of illness.


Come to the annual meeting – your annual meeting – and learn more about how we can work together to Redefine the H and advance health in America. We look forward to seeing you in Washington at the foremost policy forum for hospital and health system executives, trustees and volunteers. Register now by visiting the Annual Membership Meeting page.

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