The upcoming AHRMM annual conference, which will be held August 6-9 in Orlando, is an opportunity for supply chain leaders to collaborate, learn best practices and find solutions that benefit hospitals. 

The supply chain is critical to our hospitals, our patients and our communities. While health care supply chain leaders work every day to support hospitals, it’s also important that hospitals support supply chain leaders. Supply chain professionals have faced tremendous challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the post-pandemic environment. One way hospital leaders can support their teams and encourage workforce retention is by supporting professional development for supply chain leaders. 

Hospital CEOs understand the strategic importance of a reliable and resilient supply chain. The pandemic underscored the importance of these characteristics as the country faced uncertainty and economic volatility. During this time, many supply chain professionals stemmed the tide of increased shortages, navigated the demand for PPE, and ensured the resolution of bottlenecks and timely delivery of essential medical supplies. 

“Supply chains are the backbones of health care systems,” says Doug Shaw, senior vice president of business development at AHA. “Without skilled and dedicated professionals maintaining them, day-to-day operations would be significantly impaired. Supply chain professionals adapt to myriad challenges to ensure timely delivery of products essential to patient health and safety. The AHA is proud of the extraordinary work supply chain professionals do every day to support the health care field.” 

Individuals in the supply chain field utilize ingenuity and creativity to solve unforeseen issues and new challenges. In addition, supply chain professionals collaborate with administrators, stakeholders, and medical facilities in novel ways that eliminate waste and optimize procedures. 

Collaboration has always been a touchstone of the supply chain field. With collaboration and community, supply chain professionals can envision cutting-edge solutions to problems and pressures. Forums and gatherings like the AHRMM23 Conference & Exhibition allow individuals to exchange ideas, create valuable connections, and address and voice long-standing concerns. It also provides an avenue to showcase emerging trends and actionable insights. Those new to the field can also find knowledgeable mentors. These are all essential factors in the continued growth of the supply chain field.  

Since the pandemic, the supply chain has improved, and has become increasingly digitized with the advent of state-of-the-art technologies alongside automated systems. Experts in the field can easily track crucial data to ensure the delivery of various materials throughout the health care system. Events like AHRMM23 allow professionals to learn more about these cost-cutting efficiencies, become more reliable, and prevent disruptions.  

AHRMM supports supply chain professionals by creating these collaborative events, and we are dedicated to this thriving community of driven, passionate individuals. We understand the value they bring to health care, and how their hard work results in top-tier, quality patient care, increased safety, and lower costs. We also ask the supply chain community to continue growing, advancing, and reinforcing the strategic goals of patient well-being.  

The AHA also lends support to professionals throughout the supply chain. AHA members often enjoy conferences and events across the health care spectrum, including those provided by AHRMM. If you’d like to know more about supporting the supply chain or attending AHRMM23, visit

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