The U.S. House of Representatives today voted 302-126 to reject a Trade Adjustment Assistance bill that would have provided federal job-training and other assistance to workers, firms, farmers and communities that have been hurt by foreign trade. The bill, as passed by the Senate, also would have extended the sequester on Medicare for the last six months in 2024 to in part cover the cost of providing tax credits for the purchase of health insurance to individuals who lose their health coverage as a result of global trade agreements. However, the House yesterday had approved an alternative offset as part of separate trade legislation. The AHA, American Medical Association, American Health Care Association and National Association for Home Care & Hospice yesterday thanked House members for voting to replace the cuts, noting that, if the Senate passes the provision, they would withdraw their previous opposition to the trade package and would not view a vote for the TAA package as a vote for Medicare cuts. The House could vote on the TAA bill again next week.