AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack and America’s Health Insurance Plans President and CEO Marilyn Tavenner today called for “value-based solutions” that promote strong, stable and affordable health insurance coverage through the insurance exchanges. In an op-ed piece in The Hill, a Capitol Hill newspaper, they wrote that consumers can have both health care access and affordability through regulatory reform; ideas that generate more market competition and innovation; rewarding products that deliver more value and “honest information about the real costs of prescription drugs.” While noting the challenge posed by the steadily rising cost of prescription drugs, the authors expressed confidence in the nation’s ability to promote coverage stability. “Lowering health care costs is a commitment everyone can – and must – embrace,” the op-ed states. “So that small businesses can grow…so that families can get ahead, not just get by…so that seniors have the peace of mind they deserve.  And if we work together – doctors, nurses, hospitals, health plans, and other partners – we can build that future.”