The AHA and seven other organizations representing providers of health care or coverage, including America’s Health Insurance Plans, today urged Congress and the administration to take quick action to ensure cost sharing reductions for the individual health insurance market are funded. “The window is quickly closely to properly price individual insurance products for 2018,” the organizations said in a letter to President Trump and congressional leaders. “The most critical action to help stabilize the individual market for 2017 and 2018 is to remove uncertainty about continued funding for cost sharing reductions. Nearly 60% of all individuals who purchase coverage via the marketplace – 7 million people – receive assistance to reduce deductibles, co-payments and/or out-of-pocket limits through CSR payments. This funding helps those who need it the most access quality care: low- and modest-income consumers earning less than 250% of the federal poverty level. If CSRs are not funded, Americans will be dramatically impacted.” Also signing the letter were the American Academy of Family Physicians, American Benefits Council, American Medical Association, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Federation of American Hospitals, and U.S. Chamber of Commerce.