Eight organizations, including the AHA, today urged Congress to fund the cost-sharing reduction program for certain individuals purchasing health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplaces. In an infographic, the groups note that more than 70% of voters, including 68% of conservatives who make less than $50,000 a year, support help with out-of-pocket health care costs, such as deductibles and copays, according to a recent survey. Nearly 60% of individuals who purchase coverage via the marketplaces, or 7 million people, receive assistance to reduce deductibles, copays and/or out-of-pocket limits through CSR payments. The payments are available to assist consumers who earn less than 250% of the federal poverty level. In addition to the AHA, America’s Health Insurance Plans, the American Academy of Family Physicians, American Benefits Council, American Medical Association, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Federation of American Hospitals, and U.S. Chamber of Commerce sponsored the infographic. In a recent letter, the groups urged Congress and the administration to take quick action to ensure the CSRs are funded.