The AHA’s Association for the Health Care Environment has received two awards for its Certified Health Care Environmental Services Technician program. AHE’s CHEST program, which validates environmental services technicians’ competencies and skill, received Brandon Hall Gold Awards for best certification program and best results of a learning program. “In three short years, the CHEST program has trained nearly 700 trainers who have successfully prepared 2,670 front line technicians who now carry the CHEST credential,” said AHE Executive Director Patti Costello. “These technicians emerge from training more knowledgeable in the science of infection prevention, happier in their positions, more confident in their communication skills, and more engaged with the clinical staff. We are honored to receive two Gold awards recognizing the profound impact the CHEST program has made on participating health care organizations, their patients, staff and the health care community.” AHE is an AHA professional membership group. 

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