COVID-19 has reshaped health care in many ways. The AHA’s 2022 Environmental Scan, sponsored by B.E. Smith, provides key data and insights on the current landscape and can help organizations explore the pandemic’s ramifications on the health care field for the upcoming year and beyond. 
“Even as the pandemic lingers, this is a good time to pause, take a breath and thoughtfully consider the landscape ahead, with plenty of focus on the post-COVID world,” said AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack. “What do we take away from this experience to reevaluate, reboot, and re-imagine to create a better future?”

The pandemic has had a profound impact on all of the topics included in the 2022 Environmental Scan, including:

·    The financial and operational challenges of the health care system; 
·    Workforce shortages, resiliency and the future of work; 
·    The sharp increase in behavioral health needs for both patients and clinicians; 
·    Health equity including digital health access; and 
·    Care delivery transformation including telehealth and hospital-at-home models.

Visit AHA’s website to access the Environmental Scan. 

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