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Nursing leadership trends forecast for 2018

Nurse leader roles will continue to grow in 2018, said AONE President Bob Dent, in a recent Medscape article. Dent cited growth in mentoring emergency nurse leaders, partnering with leaders from other fields, nurses holding novel clinical roles, continuing innovation in nursing and increased mobility and diversity in the profession, among other indications. Read more from AONE.

Nurses must prioritize self-care

Nurses need to integrate self-care into their lives to stay healthy and be able to care for others, two nurses write in Nursing Economics. They note that despite their deep knowledge of the health care system, each suffered through health problems that could have been more quickly and effectively treated if they had valued their own care more. “We self-sabotage when we forge walls to protect ourselves instead of being vulnerable and open to receive care,” they wrote. More here from AONE.

Nurse with transgender expertise in-demand 

Bianca Salvetti, pediatric nurse practitioner and HIV and transgender health specialist, is spearheading efforts to treat transgender youth who need support, reports. Salvetti, who works at the Center for Transyouth Health and Development in the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, often faces lines of more than 100 children, teenagers and young adults. Salvetti coordinates and implements HIV clinical research and medical care activities within the center’s Risk Reduction Program. You can read more about Salvetti’s efforts here.

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