With a theme of “Lead I Connect I Transform The Future of Health Care,” the 2019 American Hospital Association Leadership Summit, July 25-27 in San Diego, offers insights and ideas for senior executives, clinical leaders, trustees, next-generation health care leaders, new market entrants, entrepreneurs and innovative companies from across health care and beyond.  

Combining thought leadership and applied learning, the Summit features renowned speakers from both inside and outside of health care bringing disruptive strategies, unexpected solutions and unique perspectives, and hospital and health system leaders sharing their experiences in pursuit of innovation and value.  

New experiential educational opportunities allow attendees to personalize their Summit:   

  • Intensives allow participants to become immersed in a hot topic, explore new design-thinking methodologies, experiment with 21st century leadership competencies and team-based skills, or roll up their sleeves to actively collaborate with peers on innovative solutions to persistent challenges.
  • Transformational Talks center on emerging topics and burning issues, featuring the perspectives of nontraditional stakeholders, including those companies and entrepreneurs that are disrupting the health care field.
  • Roundtable Discussions take their lead from participants with skilled facilitators introducing hot topics and compelling issues and attendees sharing their own experiences, challenges, and successes.  Bring your great idea to test among your peers.
  • IGNITES are fast-paced presentations intended to spark conversation around a common theme. Participants join the discussion that best captures their attention to delve deeper into the ideas shared.
  • New this year, the AHA Center for Health Innovation, in partnership with the Furthur Fund, will host the inaugural Leadership Summit Startup Competition, an event to identify and share innovative solutions that actually solve the challenges that hospitals face on a daily basis.
  • Keynote Presentations anchor the Summit with attention to the key themes of leadership, connection, innovation and the future of health care.  Featured keynotes will be delivered by Captain Jim Lovell, the legendary NASA commander who guided the Apollo 13 mission and Gene Kranz the leader of the “Tiger Team” of flight directors who brought the Apollo 13 spaceship safely back to Earth; former IBM chief innovation officer and Watson co-lead Linda Bernardi, a bold believer in the positive impact that disruptive technologies are having across the business spectrum; Dan Heath, best-selling author of The Power of Moments and Made to Stick; Dr. Bechara Choucair, Kaiser Permanente’s SVP and chief community health officer; and Brenda Schmidt, founder/CEO of Solera Health and a social entrepreneur focused on improving quality and lowering health care costs through community-integrated health care.
  • Educational Tracks and Sunrise Sessions are organized around the AHA Center for Health Innovation’s priorities areas on achieving affordability and value, improving quality and performance, advancing health though community partnerships, integrating workforce and strategy, creating a culture of innovation, and excelling in governance performance.
  • Pre-Summit Workshops focus on quality, governance and strategy.
  • The Summit offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn with leaders shifting traditional business models to address transformational strategies and approaches for achieving financial sustainability while delivering greater value through operational excellence, creative partnerships, and redefined delivery models.

Please visit www.aha.org/leadershipsummit for more information on the AHA Leadership Summit.

Wurth is executive vice president and chief operating officer of the AHA.

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