United States Hospital Histories by State

The American Hospital Association Resource Center contains one of the nation's largest collections of individual United States hospital histories. A hospital history chronicles the important events in a hospital's development and is a unique resource for historical research.

Selected hospital histories on this list are part of the historical collection of the Center for Hospital and Healthcare Administration History, located in the AHA Resource Center. They are available for on-site research. Other hospital histories on the list are part of the AHA Resource Center's general collection. These may be available for loan through the Resource Center's document delivery service. Questions regarding this unique collection of hospital histories should be directed to the AHA Resource Center at (312) 422-2050.

This updated list of published hospital histories was first issued in 1988. It is arranged alphabetically by state, then by city, and then by the name of the hospital at the time the hospital history was published. Citations include the hospital name, title of the hospital history, and the year of publication.

Download the PDF below for the full list of hospital histories available.