How to Borrow Items from the Library Collection

Who can borrow items from the Resource Center’s library collection?

AHA staff and members, including employees of member hospitals/systems or associate members, may borrow books and other print publications from the AHA Resource Center.

The Resource Center will also loan to other libraries.

For those who are not AHA members, you may ask your local library to borrow an item for you through interlibrary loan. You’ll pick up and return the borrowed item to your local library to return to the Resource Center.

Note that issues of journals and selected items are not made available for loans. Generally, loans of print publications are limited to borrowers located in the U.S. only.

How do I make a request?

Simply email the Resource Center at

For libraries, the Resource Center participates in OCLC and DOCLINE electronic interlibrary systems:

  • OCLC routing ID: IHD

Is there a cost for borrowing items, and if so, how is payment made?

There is no cost for AHA staff.

There is no cost to members who visit the library and check-out publications on-site. However, to defray shipping and processing costs, fees do apply for loans made to off-site users.

Members and libraries may be invoiced for the loan charge or may pay in advance with an American Express, MasterCard or Visa credit card. Invoices or credit card receipts are usually separately mailed or emailed.

Libraries may also use DOCLINE’s EFT system or OCLC’s IFM system for electronic payment processing.

What is the loan period?

Items are loaned for a period of four weeks, and if no other user has reserved it, may be renewed an additional four weeks at no additional cost. Further renewals are at the discretion of the Resource Center and would entail a new loan fee.

Can items be express shipped?

There is a $25 express shipping surcharge fee that applies unless the user provides his or her own FedEx or UPS shipping account number to be used.

How are items to be returned?

If shipping the item back, please use UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS package tracking service to ensure safe delivery. Borrowers are responsible for the replacement costs of lost items. Please include the original loan wrapper that was included on the book when it was shipped. Loaned items may also be returned on-site in the Resource Center.

Last updated Dec. 2018.