AHA Statement on Patient Rights Advocate Price Transparency Report

Molly Smith
Group Vice President, Policy
American Hospital Association


July 25, 2023


Once again, Patient Rights Advocate has put out a report that blatantly misconstrues, ignores, and mischaracterizes hospitals’ compliance with federal price transparency regulations. The AHA has repeatedly debunked point-by-point Patient Rights Advocate’s intentionally misleading “reports” on price transparency, including earlier this year in a blog and op-ed.

CMS, the official arbiter of compliance with the transparency rules, has found that as of last year 70% of hospitals had complied with both federal requirements and over 80% had complied with at least one. Due to the ongoing efforts of the hospital field, these numbers are surely higher today. Third party analyses have agreed that hospitals have made tremendous progress.

The AHA continues to be disappointed with inaccurate portrayals of hospital compliance that do not line up with the assessment of regulators and only serve to confuse and distract policymakers.