Resources to Encourage Voter Registration, Engagement with Candidates

AHA Special Bulletin
September 14, 2022

New materials from AHA’s “We Care, We Vote” initiative include digital toolkit, questions for congressional candidates and legal guidance

The U.S. is entering the home stretch for the 2022 midterm elections, with Nov. 8, Election Day, now less than two months away.

To aid hospitals’ and health systems’ participation in this important election, the AHA is encouraging members to view and utilize resources featured on its “We Care, We Vote” webpage, with new content designed to help hospital leaders navigate interactions with congressional candidates, highlight hospital and health system advocacy priorities and encourage participation in the electoral process. Many of the resources can be used leading up to the Sept. 20 nonpartisan National Voter Registration Day, as well as other observances that commemorate voter registration.


  • An electronic toolkit with social and digital media assets encouraging voting
  • Sample messages on voting and candidate engagement for use across the multiple ways you use to communicate with your staff
  • Questions to ask candidates about their views on health care policy issues and how they will help address challenges facing hospitals and health systems
  • AHA’s advocacy priorities
  • Important legal guidance for conducting election-related activities


  • Share this email with your government affairs and communications staff, leadership team and governance board, as well as any other staff who help mobilize community engagement within your hospital.
  • Use these resources throughout the fall, including around Sept. 20 (National Voter Registration Day); Sept. 26-30 (Employer Voter Registration Week); and Oct. 8, which marks the start of the 30-day countdown to Election Day.


If you have further questions, please contact AHA at 800-424-4301.

Special Bulletin: AHA Releases Midterm Election Resources to Help Hospital Leaders Encourage Voter Registration, Engagement with Candidates.