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All progress starts with a plan. Sometimes events intercede and plans are revised, postponed or even knocked off the rails completely, as the events of 2020 emphatically taught us. Regardless, a plan is still the necessary starting point, the trail head leading from here to where we want to be.

The AHA 2021 Strategic Plan serves as the association’s operating blueprint for the year. The plan’s recommendations span before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic examining environmental factors, drivers for 2021, focus areas, goals and strategies for achieving success.

Because of the fluidity surrounding the nation’s continuing response to the pandemic, the AHA intends to undertake an aggressive, longer range plan in early to mid-2021. A path to 2025 will be paved, recognizing the vast differences of our environment and the field in a post-pandemic world.

Hospitals are encouraged to use the strategy framework along with the AHA’s 2021 Environmental Scan for their planning purposes. Planning for the future is time well spent.

Our Focus. Issues: Access and Coverage; Coexisting with COVID-19: Relief, Recovery & Rebuilding; Advancing Equitable Clinical Care; Delivery and Payment Models; Regulatory Relief; Member Engagement; Seizing the Conversation; Innovation Capacity; Workforce Challenges; Behavioral Health Challenges.


The AHA provides value, guidance and foresight through:


The AHA Provides Value, Guidance and Forethought through: Advocacy/Representation; Thought Leadership; Knowledge Exchange; and Agent of Change.

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