Venture Capital Funding/VC Firms

A new AHA Center for Health Innovation report, “Leveling the Playing Field in Health Equity Investing,” explores the challenges these entrepreneurs face, how some venture capital (VC) funds are expanding opportunities for underrepresented startups and how the field can benefit.
The newly released fourth and final part of the Strategic Investment in Health Care Innovation series from Concord Health Partners and the AHA Center for Health Innovation explains “Why Growth Equity is Increasingly a Good Fit for Innovation Investors.”
A newly released report from Concord Health Partners and the AHA Center for Health Innovation, “Innovation Investing in Health Care: Keys to Success,” covers six cornerstones for health care organizations to manage a private-investment program.
General Catalyst (GC) is spinning off Health Assurance Transformation Corp. (HATCo) to be led by former Intermountain Health CEO Marc Harrison, M.D. General Catalyst will look to acquire a health system within HATCo’s first year as a national blueprint to transform the field and to put the system…
A newly released report, “Primer for private-equity investing for health care organizations,” from Concord Health Partners and the AHA Center for Health Innovation explores what leaders need to know about private equity as they explore innovation investing.
Interest among investors and health care leaders continues to rise in artificial intelligence (AI). Clinical support areas and diagnostic imaging continue to be the most promising applications of AI, but more novel uses of the technology for automating documentation are drawing interest.
General Catalyst (GC) increasingly has become focused on engaging and supporting startups and bringing together transformation-minded health care systems to reduce friction, inefficiency and cost while accelerating innovation, said Daryl Tol at the recent AHA Leadership Summit.
More than 1,000 health care leaders and change-makers convened last week at Aspen Ideas: Health. An AHA panel discussion, “Deliver Care Anywhere: Rewriting the Site of Care Playbook,” explored how health systems are pairing their expertise in care delivery with consumer-oriented practices.
A new report, “The Rise of Innovation Investing Among Health Care Organizations,” explores the channels organizations are using to invest in innovation, the roles of professional investors and what it takes to achieve success.
Seven organizations recently completed the third cohort of Verizon’s Forward for Good Accelerator, which is focused on scaling solutions that address barriers to health access and high-quality care.