Rick Pollack, president and CEO of the American Hospital Association, standing in front of the AHA seal and a United States flag.

Jan 5, 2018
It’s a new year but Congress has some old business to attend to—including many critical hospital and health system priorities.  Both Houses of Congress will be back in session next week. Front and center is legislation to keep the government open past January 19.
Jan 2, 2018
“Prescription drug prices are out of control,” wrote AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack and America’s Health Insurance Plans President and CEO Marilyn Tavenner in a Dec. 31 OpEd in The Hill. “The average annual cost for one specialty medication to treat a chronic condition is now more than what…
Dec 22, 2017
It’s been an historic year for America’s hospitals and health systems. Congress last night approved a short-term continuing resolution funding the government through Jan. 19. While the bill included some priorities important to the field — it also left unfinished business that we’ll work to address…
Dec 21, 2017
Last month, I visited Puerto Rico with a team of six members assembled by the AHA, Greater New York Hospital Association, and Healthcare Association of New York State, as part of our initiative to identify ways the field can aid in this health care community’s long-term recovery and return to…
Dec 20, 2017
Clarity is important in health care. It is particularly important when the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is spelling out the “rules of the road” for hospitals to be able to participate in Medicare and Medicaid. Hospitals and their employees are dedicated to patient well-being…
Dec 15, 2017
Congress has crafted a compromise tax reform bill based on the versions passed by the House and Senate. What are the implications for America’s hospitals and health systems?