Partner with the American Hospital Association

AHA is the single best source for access and insights in health care. Join the conversation with AHA sponsorships, lead generation programs, and data solutions.

Reaching health care leaders has never been more challenging. In this time of unprecedented change, hospitals, health systems and health care professionals look to us for education, tools and support to help them better serve patients in their communities.

The AHA offers a variety of ways for business organizations that share our vision to get involved, engage with our members and share their stories and solutions:

Sponsorship and Marketing Opportunities
Learn how you can work with us to align your brand with our credibility and thought leadership to achieve your marketing goals.

AHA Associate Program
Only through this program can business leaders attend and take full advantage of AHA Events, briefings, and exclusive content that connect your team with industry leaders and our members who are seeking to exchange ideas and explore new solutions.

AHA Data and Insights
Data-driven market intelligence allows us to predict where health care is heading, how it will change over time, what will prompt that change and how to respond. Data and benchmarking tools help our business partners spot opportunities.

The AHA Center for Health Innovation
AHA members know that the organizations that survive will be the ones that innovate. They also know that solutions to the field’s challenges will come from many sources. They are looking for partners who understand their challenges, share their commitment to patients and demonstrate an ability to collaborate to advance health care quality, accessibility, equity and affordability.