Affordable health care is one of the biggest concerns facing families, employers and government. America’s hospitals and health systems are tackling the challenge head on, and the AHA is providing leadership to the field.


The Value Initiative provides members with the education, resources and tools to advance affordable health care and promote value within their communities. It also educates the public, policymakers and other stakeholders on the issues and collaborates with others in the health care field to develop new solutions to improve affordability. For more, visit


Working with the Administration, we have continued to advocate for regulatory relief so that providers can spend more resources on patients and less on costly paperwork that adds no value for patients. Notable successes in 2018 include a dramatic reduction in quality measures across government programs, additional flexibility in the electronic health records program and the elimination on the long-term care hospital “25% Rule.”


Through our Hospital Improvement and Innovation Network and a variety of other quality improvement projects, we are testing best practices and helping disseminate what works to hospitals across the country. For more, visit



Through programs like the American Society for Health Care Engineering’s Energy to Care, we are helping improve efficiency and environmental stewardship. Energy to Care helps you measure your facility’s energy use using a robust dashboard and offers ways for you to be recognized for your efficiency accomplishments. For more, visit


Our Executive Forums and Executive Dialogue series bring together hospital and health system leaders to discuss the most pressing challenges and share best practices with the field. Health Forum’s webinar series takes a deeper dive into many of these practices. For more, visit