Live from AHA Annual Meeting: Leading for Health Equity

In late March the American Hospital Association's Institute for Diversity and Health Equity rolled out its long awaited Health Equity Roadmap, a national initiative to drive improvement in health care outcomes, health equity, diversity, and inclusion. The Health Equity Roadmap is framework to help hospitals and health care systems chart their own paths towards transformation, dismantle structural barriers, become more equitable and inclusive organization, and help to realize AHA's vision of a just society of healthy communities, where all individuals reach their highest potential for health. By creation and design, the Roadmap is an innovative approach to advance health equity. It is meant to be a game changer. AHA's Board of Trustees member, Montez Carter is president and CEO of St. Mary's Healthcare system in Athens, GA. and is among the approximately 1,000 health care leaders gathered at this years meeting. Today, Montez joins Joy Lewis, AHA's Senior Vice-President for Health Equity Strategies and Executive Director of the Institute for Diversity and Health Equity, and Dr. Leon Caldwell, Senior Director of Health Equity Strategies and Innovation with IFDHE, to talk about the health equity roadmap, his contributions to it, and his hopes for it.