Health Systems

Sixty-seven percent of AHA member hospitals are part of health systems, the majority consisting of three to 10 hospitals.

Health systems range in size, geography and facility type. Three-quarters are not-for-profit, with another 10% identifying as Catholic church-related and 10% as for-profit investor-owned. The remaining are non-federal government of varying types.

As key thought leaders, health system executives provide guidance to support AHA Board and executive team strategies on key policy and advocacy activities of great importance to systems and the field. They are most often the major employer in their communities and serve as conveners of key stakeholders to leverage new strategies to improve access to care, ensure care is affordable and of its highest quality while working to lower total cost of care.

Engaging Our System Leaders

We foster dialogue among system executives and offer opportunities to actively shape polices and set direction for the association and field. Serving on AHA’s Board of Trustees, Committee on Health Care Strategy and Innovation or one of nine Regional Policy Boards are formal roles in go...

Regulatory Relief

Every day, hospitals, health systems and post-acute care providers confront the daunting task of complying with a growing number of federal regulations. They are constantly challenged to understand and implement new or revised regulations, while maintaining their core mission of providi...

Drug Prices

The price of prescription drugs has skyrocketed over the past several years. These price increases are extremely troublesome throughout the health system. Unchecked drug price increases are not sustainable, and are a serious economic threat to the patients and communities we serve. ...

Tax-Exempt Status

America's hospitals provide compassionate, high quality care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but their benefit to their communities extends far beyond direct patient care. Not-for-profit community hospitals do more than care for the injured and infirm; they promote and protect th...

Reducing Health Care Disparities

Research has shown that individuals of color, of various ethnic backgrounds, religions, sexual orientation, or with limited English proficiency have less access to care, receive different care and often have worse health than those who are white. AHA and its members strive to help all ...


From emergency department care to remote patient monitoring for chronic care management and access to care from specialists, telehealth is changing the way health care is provided –- both expanding patient access to routine and specialty care while improving patient satisfaction and ...


Medicaid is the nation’s largest single source of coverage primarily serving low-income populations – children and their families, adults, seniors and disabled individuals. The program provides a broad array of health care services such as primary and acute care services, as well as ...

Emergency Readiness

AcronymsCDC Centers for Disease Control and PreventionDHS Department of Homeland SecurityDMAT Disaster Medical Assistance TeamDMORT Disaster Mortuary Operational Response TeamDoD Department of DefenseDOE Department of EnergyDOJ Department of JusticeFBI Federal Bureau of InvestigationFEM...

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