Physician Alliance Issue Briefs

Addressing Burnout

Be Well: Cultivating Resilience to Address Health and Well-Being

Be Well:  The Field in Action













Discussions with Clinical Leaders

Five Questions on Well Being

Five Questions for Leadership













Physician Leadership Circle

Four Rules for Effective Physician Leaders Four Implications of AI for the Future of Your Hospital

Four Ways Technology is Changing the Practice of Medicine

4 Keys of Effective Change


Addressing Rural Health Care Challenges

Addressing Rural Health Care Challenges

In 2019, the Physician Alliance hosted rural physician leaders to a discussion about challenges and innovative strategies when providing care in rural hospitals. This issue brief includes keys to leadership in a rural setting, and clickable icon links to resources to explore how rural leaders are providing better care for their patients.












Care Well:  Disruptive Strategies to Implement Now

Disruptive Strategies to Implement Now

Hospital and health systems must continue focusing on driving quality and high reliability despite Medicare and Medicaid funding uncertainty coupled with a shift to caring for people outside the hospital. State partnerships to do some things differently and create value is key. Some hospitals and health systems are working together with insurers to manage care for key populations, others are reducing unnecessary variation, and some are using real-time data to identify and create appropriate healthy interventions to high-risk patients before they experience an expensive episode of care in the emergency department.













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