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Perspective: Standing Up for Our Patients, Communities and Country

Mar 27, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic is threatening our country and straining many hospitals and health systems — and their team members — like never before. We have an awesome responsibility in this national crisis … and our field is stepping up, just as we always do.

Perspective: Making Progress on Protecting Patients from Surprise Medical Bills

Feb 14, 2020
AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack discusses the current state of surprise medical billing legislation and the challenges that remain ahead before any proposals are finalized.

Perspective: Protecting patients from surprise billing requires the right prescription

Dec 13, 2019
It’s critical that you tell your senators and representative to end surprise billing once and for all in a deliberative way that protects patients and ensures access to care.

Perspective: Gearing up for a busy September on Capitol Hill

Aug 16, 2019
Two weeks ago, I wrote about the important role AHA member hospitals and he

Perspective: Hitting the right mark on transparency

Jun 28, 2019
When the federal government and America’s hospitals and health systems work together, we can make a real difference for patients.

Perspective: Protecting patients from surprise bills

Jun 14, 2019
Surprise billing has no place in health care and America’s hospitals and health systems are committed to protecting patients from this unfair practice.

Perspective: Ensuring patients know what they’ll pay for care

Feb 8, 2019
The last thing a patient should worry about in a health crisis is an unanticipated medical bill that unintentionally impacts their out-of-pocket costs … and undermines the trust and confidence that patients have in their caregivers.

Perspective: New Year, New Priorities

Jan 11, 2019
We’re 11 days into 2019 … we’ve returned to a divided government …and the partial government shutdown continues.

Perspective: HHS Takes Step in the Right Direction on Social Determinants of Health

Nov 16, 2018
However, there’s still much to do.

Perspective: Going for the Gold

Feb 16, 2018
Every day, Olympic-sized talent, dedication and drive are on display at hospitals and health systems across America.