COVID-19 has taken a prolonged and unprecedented toll on caregivers, both physically and emotionally.

At the same time, hospitals and health systems face the greatest financial threat in U.S. history as rising costs for treating COVID-19 patients collide with the impact of earlier shutdowns or slowdowns of many so-called “elective” procedures and services.

  • This sustained high-stress environment has increased clinical workforce burnout challenges.
  • Nearly 60% of physicians now report feeling burned out, notes a Physicians Foundation survey conducted last August.
  • The cumulative effect of this environment may interfere with clinicians’ ability to connect with patients’ physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

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Key Take Aways

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Effective wellness initiatives proactively reach out to caregivers to provide in-the-moment support and identify unmet needs.

Do not expect that people will utilize the wellness services that are built; solicit input from the people you are serving before you build the program.

Measure, track, and be accountable for wellness outcomes.

A leader's impact is never neutral, but always positive or negative; as a leader, how can you make a positive impact on your team?



Heather Farley

Heather Farley, MD, MHCDS, FACEP

Chief Wellness Officer



Elisa Arespacochaga

Elisa Arespacochaga, MBA

Vice President, Physician Alliance

American Hospital Association



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Abstract Overview

Read this abstract to learn about how current demands are impacting the health care workforce.


Preventing Physician Suicide

Distressed physicians are also more likely to leave an organization, or even the profession, leading to significant turnover costs.


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