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Health care’s traditional governance model is showing its age, and with it the need to reexamine how boards are being educated.

The current environment in health care is placing enormous expectations on governing boards to synthesize all that’s happening and provide meaningful guidance to hospital and health care system leaders. And while many provider organizations recognize the importance and value of educating trustees, finding the time, resources and right materials to optimally engage trustees has proven challenging. Watch this Transformation Talks video to learn more about:

  • What board education should encompass and how board education needs may change in the coming years.
  • What current hurdles exist to better board education and how to overcome them.
  • How to increase board engagement and education and what technologies can be leveraged.

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Key Take Aways

Here is what our experts had to say:



Since trustee time is limited, effective board education must be short & succinct.

Board education must be ongoing, not episodic.

Increase trustee engagement by:

  • Applying learnings.
  • Leveraging technology.
  • Gamifying the experience.
  • Establishing a commitment.

Forward-looking board education topics include:

  • Consumerism.
  • Health equity and diversity & inclusion.
  • Population health.


Judy Rich

Judy Rich, RN, MSN

President and CEO

Tucson Medical Center


Jeffery Adler

Jeffery Adler




Sue Ellen Wagner

Sue Ellen Wagner

Vice President, Trustee Engagement and Strategy

American Hospital Association



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