Nearly 10 million Ukrainian refugees have been displaced out of their homeland by the war in Ukraine. Many Ukrainian health care workers stayed behind and many have left the country. For those health care workers that have stayed they have been working in wartime conditions and are in need of all the help they can get. For those that left, the refugee journey is scary, filled with unknowns and obstacles, back-pack full of hope is really all that you have. American Hospital Association has partnered with AHA members and healthcare partners to make a difference by both helping the Ukrainian health care workers in Ukraine as well as those refugees that have left. See below how you can get involved and make a difference.

Donate Medical Equipment & Vehicles

As the war in Ukraine continues the need for emergency medical equipment and vehicles continues to be a high priority. OSF HealthCare sent decommissioned ambulances filled with needed medical supplies from the U.S. to Ukraine.

See how an ambulance is flown 5,000 miles to Ukraine in this Video by CNN's Dianne Gallagher.

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Hope Delivered: Ambulances to Ukraine with Chris Manson

Delivering Health Care and Hope to Ukraine

AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack introduces this special podcast, the story of how one man is working to change the world by delivering refurbished ambulances for second service in Ukraine.

A Second Life for Ambulances Is Saving Lives in Ukraine. Rick Pollack, American Hospital Association president and CEO, reviews donated ambulances that will be sent to Ukraine and signs one ambulance.

A Second Life for Ambulances is Saving Lives in Ukraine

At an unofficial, people-to-people level, we have also been supplying Ukraine with tools of peace and healing to help address those in need and suffering.

 AHA Ukrainian Effort to Help Health Care Workers | by Chris Manson, OSF Healthcare vice president of government relations. | Donated Medical Equipment

How Can Hospitals & Health Systems Help?

If you have a used but in-service ambulance, consider donating it to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. Any donated ambulance will be transported at no cost to Chicago for final prep and then will be sent to Ukraine. For more information, please contact Chris Manson, OSF Healthcare vice president of government relations.

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Twitter: @AmbulancesU

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AHA and its American Organization for Nursing Leadership affiliate partnered with CGFNS International and Global Nurse Partners to help displaced Ukrainian nurses practice in the United States through the Passport2Liberty initiative. Passport2Liberty seeks to help nurses and their families who were forced to flee their homes and leave everything behind by restoring their professional credentials for licensure and helping them rebuild their lives. Hospitals and health systems can help by financially sponsoring a nurse to work at their organization. To being the process, complete the health care facility form from Global Nurse Partners.



Members in Action

Oschner Health, founding partner and first U.S. health care system to commit to the Passport2Liberty initiative.

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