Community Connections

Passport2Liberty helps Ukrainian nurses resettle in the United States. OSF Healthcare leads efforts to donate ambulances and supplies.
Designed for community-based organizations and health care organizations already engaged in partnership, the Partnership Assessment Tool for Health, or PATH, provides a format to understand progress toward benchmarks characteristic of effective partnerships, identify areas for further development…
This resource provides a step-by-step process for organizing and preparing, planning and prioritizing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating, and sustaining a primary care and public health partnership project.
This report provides a framework to facilitate collaborative working relationships between the public health and health care sectors. The framework includes tactics and actionable strategies to support several elements of collaboration: governance structure, financing plan, cross-sector prevention…
This report highlights themes and lessons learned that can inform new approaches to advancing community health. Through ARCH, Nonprofit Finance Fund partnered with three networks to explore what it takes for CBO networks to come together around a shared vision for partnering with health care.
This resource outlines common partnership elements and establishes a framework to describe integration between community-based and health care organizations.
A step-by-step guide for health care delivery and local health departments to partner their efforts to understand and collaboratively address community health needs.
This infographic provides a quick overview of how place-based investing can create sustainable returns and strong communities. The graphic showcases a holistic capital approach in action.
This is the third resource in the Capital Absorption Framework series on communities; this brief looks at the enabling environment where community investment deals are created and how to strengthen this environment.
This is the second resource in the Capital Absorption Framework series on communities; this brief defines a pipeline while exploring why pipelines are important for expanding the community investment system.