Reducing Health Care Disparities: Collection and Use of Race, Ethnicity and Language Data

educing Health Care Disparities: Collection and Use of Race, Ethnicity and Language DataThis guide includes two sections that address collection and use of patient race, ethnicity and language (REAL) data to reduce health care disparities. The first section provides a 4-step approach on how to obtain an accurate and usable REAL data set. The second section discusses how hospitals and care systems can use REAL data to achieve clinical, operational, financial and population health benefits.

Equity of Care was formed in 2011 as a call to action to eliminate health care disparities. The American College of Healthcare Executives, American Hospital Association, Association of American Medical Colleges, Catholic Health Association of the United States and America's Essential Hospitals are national partners working together to improve quality of care for every patient by disseminating best practices and resources for equitable care.

Please review other resources on equity of care.

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Health care organizations strive to advance the health of their communities every day. Addressing health equity improves the quality of care.
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