John Riggi

National Advisor for Cybersecurity and Risk

Experience Summary
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John Riggi, having spent nearly 30 years as a highly decorated veteran of the FBI, serves as the first national advisor for cybersecurity and risk for the American Hospital Association and their 5000+ member hospitals. John leverages his distinctive experience at the FBI and CIA in the investigation and disruption of cyber threats, international organized crime and terrorist organizations to assist on related policy and advocacy issues. His trusted access to hospital leadership and government agencies enhances John’s national perspective and ability to provide uniquely informed risk advisory services. John’s national perspective is further informed by his direct role in assisting ransomware victim hospitals and health systems.

John represented the nation's hospitals in testimony before the Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on cyber threats to hospitals in Dec. 2020. This assisted in the passage of PL 116-321, providing regulatory relief for HIPAA covered victims of cyber attacks. In 2021, John’s prominent advocacy encouraged the government to raise the investigative priority level of ransomware attacks to equal that of terrorist attacks.

John also served as the nation’s hospital representative to the FCC hospital robocall protection group which made final recommendations on reducing unlawful robocalls to hospitals in Dec. 2020. John initiated and co-led a national healthcare sector task group to develop resources to assist the field in managing cyber risk as an enterprise risk issue. John launched a national campaign with the AHA and government agencies to help members protect medical research against foreign threats.

In various leadership roles at the FBI, John served as a representative to the White House Cyber Response Group and a senior representative to the CIA and was the national operations manager for terrorist financing investigations. John also led counterintelligence field surveillance programs in Washington DC and financial crimes and terrorist financing squads in New York City. John ultimately rose to the ranks of the Senior Executive Service and in that capacity led the FBI Cyber Division national program to develop mission critical partnerships with the healthcare and other critical infrastructure sectors. John held a national strategic role in the investigation of the largest cyber-attacks targeting healthcare and other sectors.

He also served on the NY FBI SWAT Team for eight years. John is the recipient of the FBI Director’s Award for Special Achievement in Counterterrorism and the CIA’s George H.W. Bush Award for Excellence in Counterterrorism, the CIAs highest award in this category. John presents extensively on cybersecurity and risk topics and is frequently interviewed by the media.