Mitigate and Prepare for Cyber Threats

Are you aware that cyber adversaries target the health care sector more than other critical infrastructure sectors?

Your organization can prepare and manage such risks by viewing cybersecurity not as an IT issue but rather by making it part of your existing governance, risk management and business continuity framework.

The AHA can help hospitals and health systems prepare, prevent and respond to today’s pressing cyber threats by connecting members with highly reputable, qualified and accomplished cybersecurity service providers.


Aha Preferred Cybersecurity Providers

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Listen to a new podcast series featuring AHA Preferred Cybersecurity Providers on how AHA Members can address cybersecurity challenges.

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Access AHA resources, insights, news and more available to support AHA Members in mitigating cyber and physical risks.

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Meet The Providers

View the trusted, highly accomplished and vetted cybersecurity solution providers that support AHA Member hospitals and health systems.

AHA Rigorous Due Diligence and Selection Process

When a hospital or health system selects a service from a company that has achieved APCP status, it can be confident that the organization has met the AHA’s highest standards.

AHA rigorous due diligence and selection process

Are you a cybersecurity provider that has a solution that can help AHA Members?