H-ISAC TLP White: Physical Threat Bulletin - Concerns of Human Trafficking Arise in Morocco During Disaster Relief


Officials are concerned about the recent online content promoting men to marry underage girls and other forms of exploitation following the recent earthquake in Morocco, particularly in the Al Haouz region. Online posts made by individuals who are believed to be volunteers assisting with relief efforts advocating for Moroccan men to travel to remote villages to “save” young girls. At least one man has since been arrested after posting online about traveling to quake-hit zones with intention of sexually assaulting young girls.

The National Committee for Coordination Measures to Combat Human trafficking and Prevention has warned against online content that target victims of the earthquake and warned that these posts are punishable under the Human Trafficking Law. King Mohammed VI has also conferred “Ward of the Nation” status to the children who have since been orphaned by the quake in the hopes of preventing any hazards.  

Overcrowded hospitals are also posing a unique problem to the recovery efforts. Pregnant women are either unable to access the closest hospitals since many villages remain cut off because of damages from the earthquake or unable to get the care they need due to a lack of trained personnel. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is hoping to open mobile clinics and options for safer deliveries in the wake of disaster. The UNFPA also runs a development program in Morocco that is focused on training midwives to provide care to those that are unable to travel to the closest hospital

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