HC3 TLP White Threat Briefing – Demystifying BlackMatter September 2, 2021


  • Executive Summary
  • What the Group Claims To Be
  • What We Know About the Group
  • Technical Details
  • Mitigations
  • Outlook


  • First Surfaced: July 2021
  • Suspected Predecessor(s): DarkSide, REvil RaaS
  • Malware Capabilities: Ransomware written in C that encrypts files using a combination of Salsa20 and 1024-bit RSA
  • Targeted Systems: Windows and Linux servers


  • Origin: Likely Eastern Europe, Russian-speaking
  • Forum Presence: Exploit and XSS, BlackMatter blog
  • Targeted Countries: United States, India, Brazil, Chile, Thailand, and growing
  • Targeted Industries: Legal, Real Estate, IT Services, Food & Beverage, Architecture, Education, Finance
  • Status: Actively seeking Initial Access Brokers (IABs) and affiliates for ransomware deployment
  • Classification: Highly-sophisticated, financiallymotivated cybercriminal operation
  • Threat to HPH Sector: Elevated Risk

View the entire report below. 

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