Call for Videos: Encouraging Unvaccinated Colleagues

Thank you for adding your voice to the millions around the world urging others to consider getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

We’re trying to reach hospital and health system employees that have yet to be vaccinated. We're asking you to use your phone to record a short message about why vaccinations are important to people in health settings. The more it comes from your heart, the better the chance to make an impact and spur someone to reconsider vaccination!

Please start by addressing the camera (and our audience) using one of these:

  • “Dear colleague.”
  • “Dear breakroom buddy.”
  • “Dear friend.”
  • “Dear _______ (create your own – keep it appropriate).”

Then answer 2 prompts:

  1. If you had 10 words (or less) to tell them, what would they be?

    Examples: “I’ve been working nonstop in the COVID ward!”
    “COVID won’t stop until we pull together and end this.”
    “To those waiting for FDA approval – now is your time!”

  2. Why would you tell them that? (limit your answer to 8 seconds)

    Examples: “If we don’t do it, who will?”
    “Trusting reliable, peer-reviewed research is so important.”

There is no wrong answer. Be emotive, expressive and real. With that said, please don’t use profanity or go to unrealistic extremes. Simply convey how you feel in short form. Think about your answer ahead of time, then hit “record” on your phone and say how you feel.

If you speak Spanish, Chinese, French or any other language, please record a a version in that language too. We will be creating this video for all health care audiences.

Some filming tips:

  • Begin by introducing yourself (name, where you work, where you’re from, occupation)
  • IMPORTANT: Hold your phone in LANDSCAPE MODE (horizontally)
  • Choose a quiet, well-lit location, or outside during the day
  • Do not include personal health information (yourself, or others) that might be subject to HIPAA regulations or compromise the privacy of someone else.

Once you’re done recording, upload your video to by 9/17/21.

Thank you so much for participating! We look forward to your submission.


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