America’s hospitals honor the service of our nation’s veterans and work to provide high-quality care for those who have served in the armed forces.  Working closely with our partners in the Veterans Administration (VA) health system, hospitals strive to address any unique needs veterans may have because of their service.   As the AHA focuses on the importance of integrating physical and behavioral health, we are proud to share resources from the VA that can help hospital caregivers do an even better job of ensuring veterans receive the right care, including for what is often called the “invisible wound” – post-traumatic stress disorder.  Hospitals and other providers caring for veterans can access the PTSD Consultation Program and a toolkit to help health care professionals better understand military culture and experience and better coordinate care with the VA. 

Many veterans also work in America’s hospitals.  Hiring veterans is a win-win proposition: Hospitals benefit from veterans’ training and leadership experience, and veterans can use their clinical and leadership skills to serve their community.  That’s why last year the AHA and others developed and shared strategies for hiring veterans in hospitals.  Veterans deserve respect for the knowledge and skills gained during their military service and the opportunity to put what they’ve learned to work in our communities.  On this day of thanks to and celebration of our veterans, hospitals are proud to count veterans among the women and men who care for patients and communities.