The buzzword these days in quality improvement is “HIIN.” That’s short for Hospital Improvement Innovation Networks, part of the continuation of the Partnership for Patients program. It succeeds the recently concluded Hospital Engagement Networks and will work to reduce overall hospital-acquired conditions by 20% and 30-day hospital readmissions by 12%. The AHA’s Health Research & Educational Trust led the largest HEN project, which marked a concerted effort by more than 1,500 hospitals to improve the quality of patient care. Now, HRET will lead the largest of the 16 HIIN networks, with the goal of engaging more than 1,700 hospitals across 32 states. HIINs will build on what the HEN projects achieved: the saving of more than 87,000 lives and $19.8 billion in health care costs. AHA and HRET will align quality improvement efforts to expand our reach and accelerate the journey towards higher reliability and zero tolerance for error. Join your colleagues in the HRET HIIN for this worthy endeavor. It’s another great opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to spreading innovation and making health care safer for patients and families. Sign up at