Inauguration Day ushers in a new era of change in Washington. Republicans and Democrats will assemble together to watch Donald Trump take the oath of office, and to celebrate the peaceful passing of power that is a hallmark of our democracy. Meanwhile, across America, health care needs don’t take a day off. Inauguration Day is still a busy day for the women and men who work at our hospitals and health systems, and I’ve heard from many of you who wonder what the Trump Administration will mean for the health care field. Although this debate is just beginning, rest assured that the AHA has experienced presidential transitions and upheavals in health care policy before. Because we represent nearly 5,000 member hospitals, health systems, and other providers of care in every congressional district, we are a trusted source of information for policymakers, and your voice makes a critical difference. We’ve worked with both Republicans and Democrats in Washington to find solutions to America’s health care needs, and we look forward to working with the Trump Administration as the voice for America’s hospitals. No matter which party is in office, our goals remain the same: taking care of our communities by advancing the transformation of health care, ensuring access to coverage, preserving adequate resources for health care, protecting patient access to care, enhancing the quality of care and patient safety, and making health care more affordable. Reaching these goals requires change, and the health care field welcomes it. The next four years may bring new challenges, but with that come opportunities and innovation. I look forward to our partnership as we face these challenges and opportunities together in the months and years ahead.