As hospitals continue to seek new ways to improve the health of their communities, it’s more important than ever for them to partner with other organizations. The AHA NOVA Award recognizes those innovative collaborations in which hospitals are engaged to bring better health to the populations they serve.

AHA NOVA Award winners address a wide range of important health initiatives, from developing culturally sensitive outreach and education programs for medically underserved minorities to increasing access to care for the uninsured. And each program is distinguished by the community partners who play such an important role in making them a reality.

The AHA created the NOVA awards in 1993 for two specific reasons. The first: to pay tribute to the bright stars in AHA’s membership who had taken on the challenge of going beyond caring for the ill and injured and were finding ways to help people live healthier, more productive lives. The second was to create a fund of ideas all of our members could draw on to do the same in their cities, towns and rural communities. In other words, find out what’s working where and share the knowledge with others.

The nominations the AHA receives for NOVA awards illustrate the many ways in which hospitals and health systems are building community coalitions to improve health status and deal with community problems. These partnerships create innovative programs that touch children, teens, seniors, the working poor and high-risk populations. They tell a compelling story of hospitals and health systems involved in their communities.

Interested in applying for a 2018 AHA NOVA Award? The deadline to apply has been extended to Dec. 8. To apply, click on

NOVA award applicant or not, your hospital or health system has an important story to tell about its commitment to mission and community. Make sure your community understands the many ways in which you work to make life better for those you serve. Tell how you are working to advance health in America  … and tell it in a way that demonstrates the value and benefit you provide to your communities.  

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