The AHA strives to ensure the hospital and health system field’s voice is heard in the news and media and any discussion of health care. The association recently has been featured in numerous media publications, including Modern Healthcare, Washington Post, Politico and the Wall Street Journal. Among other topics, the articles focus on issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. View a roundup of some of the articles. 

  1. Modern Healthcare: Trump announces ventilator loan program for providers
  2. Modern Healthcare: AHA, ACS and others release guidelines for resuming elective surgeries
  3. Modern Healthcare: CMS details how hospitals can reopen as COVID-19 surge passes
  4. Modern Healthcare: Congress to replenish COVID-19 provider grant fund with $75 billion
  5. Politico: Health care workforce is recession proof. Is it 'pandemic proof?'
  6. Politico: Elective procedures are coming back
  7. The Wall Street Journal: Hospitals Secure More Aid in Latest Coronavirus Bill
  8. The Wall Street Journal: Health-Care Industry in Tug-of-War Over Coronavirus Aid
  9. Washington Post: Hospital relief money slow to reach places that need it most, lawmakers and industry groups say
  10. The Missouri Times: Stop pitting nurses against hospitals during the pandemic

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