Anticipating the future workplace needs of hospitals and health systems is key to ensuring that patients continue to receive the extraordinary care they deserve. That’s why one of our top priorities is ensuring the right blend of skills, training and education for the health care worker of the next decade and beyond.

The AHA offers practical tools to help shape the future workforce that will meet the unique needs of your community. Our caregiver resources are organized around four key strategies — capacities, competencies, communities and catalysts.

As AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack shared in his Oct. 25 Perspective, we are excited about the recent launch of our Changing Workforce Task Force, charged with providing strategic thought leadership on anticipated changes in health care.

Building the workforce of tomorrow has long been a passion of mine. I recently shared my thoughts in a video about attracting and empowering the best talent.

You can also listen to my podcast with AHA Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Maryjane Wurth to hear more about important traits for tomorrow’s leaders, along with examples of what we are doing back home at Atlantic Health System.

Cultivating the right future leaders and caregivers is essential for top-quality patient care. We look forward to continuing to work closely with you to help make it happen.

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