The National Academy of Medicine today launched the Clinician Well-Being Knowledge Hub, an online repository of resources to help health system leaders, clinicians and trainees combat clinician burnout. Produced by NAM’s Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience, the hub includes information on the causes of clinician burnout; its consequences for health care professionals, patients, and their families; and innovative approaches that organizations can take to promote well-being. “Our hope is that the knowledge hub will facilitate communication and learning, share promising solutions, and will encourage leaders to critically think about how burnout affects their organizations and to implement the solutions that are right for them,” said NAM President Victor Dzau, M.D. AHA Chief Medical Officer Jay Bhatt, D.O., participated on the hub’s communications committee. The AHA’s Physician Alliance also offers extensive resources to help hospitals and health systems promote clinician resilience and well-being.