Workforce Education

The American Hospital Association (AHA) supports the ongoing education of hospital and health system employees to improve the quality of care and outcomes for patients.

The American Hospital Association (AHA) welcomes the opportunity to comment on ways to ensure patients can receive timely emergency medical care, particularly in rural and underserved areas. We share the committee’s interest in ensuring that Americans have high-quality, affordable health care in…
The Critical Care and Trauma Simulation Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center is one of the most technologically advanced training centers in the region. There, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals train on mannequins that breathe, whose eyes respond to light, and who even…
Mechanic Evaluation and Certification for Health Care (MECH) certified professionals are recognition for valuable skills as a health care mechanic.
Our new 90-minute virtual workshop will share tools and approaches that support high-performing leaders and teams. Discover powerful strategies that will empower you to create a culture of connection, creativity and unwavering commitment within your health care team.
Answers to frequenly asked questions for the AHA Next Generation Leaders Fellowship are provided along with The John A. Hartford Foundation Age-Friendly Health Systems Cohort Scholarship.
The 12-month AHA Next Generation Leaders Fellowship will be bookended with in-person meetings. The majority of the program takes place virtually through inquiry-based modules, discussions and web meetings with faculty and mentors representing diverse expertise and leadership positions.
This annual fellowship is a unique opportunity to be paired with an executive-level mentor who will guide you through the planning and execution of a year-long transformation project at your hospital or health system.
To grow and retain their workforce, hospitals and health systems need to pursue a multipronged approach, notes the AHA’s recently released 2024 Health Care Workforce Scan.
AHA Team Training's in-person TeamSTEPPS Master Training course will teach participants all the TeamSTEPPS tools and principles - what they are, how to use them, and how to take them back to your organization.
As organizations rethink their approaches to recruitment and retention, many are expanding on the strategic relationships that exist between clinical settings and educational institutions to advance mutual interests and priorities.