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Man reruns race with nurse who saved his life

A Colorado man who was saved by nurses last year when

running the Key West Half Marathon in Florida ran part of the same race in mid-January alongside one of his rescuers. According to U.S. News and World Report, Bill Amirault ran with Florida nurse anesthetist Robbie Ladd in the 5K division of the Key West Half Marathon. Amirault had collapsed from a cardiac arrest last year, and several nurses — Ladd was one of them —immediately came to his aid, saving his life. Amirault later reunited with his rescuers by creating a Facebook video that sought to find those who helped him.


AONE Foundation receives gift from AvaSure

The AONE Foundation for Nursing Leadership Research and Education received a $50,000 gift from AvaSure, LLC of Belmont, MI. to fund a research study focused on the role of the nurse leader in health care safety and technology. "This innovative study will enable nurse leaders and their health care organizations to make better informed decisions and institute positive, measurable changes that could have far-reaching impact on health care delivery and patient outcomes across the care continuum," said Robyn Begley, DNP, RN, chair of the AONE Foundation. Read more here.


Relationship skills key to nurse manager role

Nurses elevated to a management role are increasingly receiving training on business issues such as budgeting, but also need relationship skills, Tina M. Marrelli, chief clinical officer for Innovative Caregiving Solutions, said in a HealthLeaders story. Marrelli recommends that nurse managers make clear the nursing unit’s mission to foster togetherness; unit members should get to know one another as people so they can better communicate on the job. Read more here.

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